Nordic data center trends 2020.

Our new report, the third in a series, takes a deeper look into how Nordic organizations are navigating in the digital economy.

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Digitalization dramatically reshapes businesses and the world as we know it. Many organizations are in the middle of large-scale transformation efforts to capture the benefits of the digital economy. As early as two years ago Nordic organizations claimed that competitiveness and even survival of the business depended on successful digitalization. They were geared up, full of hope, and on a one-way street towards digital paradise. 

How did it go and where are they now?
To find out, we surveyed 377 business leaders and IT decision-makers, from organizations across Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, about their digitalization progress, how they have coped during the pandemic, and how IT is supporting or overthrowing their sustainability goals.

“In the data economy, in order to garner trust, to control assets, and to comply with legislation, you need to know in which data centers your data is located and how it’s protected.”  Byrne Murphy, Chairman and Founder DigiPlex

In a report based on the survey, we share these new findings and our thoughts on how to address them. We also want to share some useful hints that we have learned from experience on how to create a reliable infrastructure that can encourage and support ambitions in the digital economy.

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