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A DigiPlex data centre is built with technical solutions that ensure your IT housing is future-ready.

We use cutting-edge technologies to meet your current and future data and business needs. Drawing on our substantial Nordic operating experience, DigiPlex is a leading exponent of cost-reducing, environment-protecting, green energy management systems.

Air-to-Air evaporative cooling saves money and energy
DigiPlex data centres use award winning Air-to-Air evaporative cooling systems. Thanks to the cool, moist climate of the Nordic region this solution delivers natural cooling. It works in line with nature to save energy, reduce costs and decrease the environmental footprint. 
Download more facts on Air-to-Air evaporative cooling.

EMP protected modules
The sun is a welcome source for sustainable energy, but sometimes it sends our bursts of electromagnetic pulses (EMP) that can harm electric and electronic systems on earth.

DigiPlex EMP protected modules are compliant with the high international standards demanded for the protection of key infrastruture installations such as data centres.
Download the facts on EMP protection.


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