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Sustainability Report 2020.

DigiPlex continues to make good on its sustainability commitments and UN Sustainable Development Goals. This fourth report continues a process which began in 2014.

In our 2019 Sustainability Report we committed to six broad objectives each with specific goals. We also identified seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which our efforts would contribute. In this latest report, despite the challenges of the pandemic, DigiPlex is pleased to report significant progress in all six areas and continues to make good on its sustainability commitments.

Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex “By moving to our facilities, more and more businesses are not only saving money but also embed sustainability at the foundation of their digital supply chain. I am proud over our continued progress and our commitment to net zero carbon by 2030.”

Our sustainable targets, including replacing lead-acid batteries, to water reuse and recycling of electronic waste, all remained on target. Here are just a few of the measurements:-

  • 35% of our batteries are now of the newer, more environmentally friendly lithium-ion type, putting us in good position to replace all of our lead-acid type batteries by 2028.
  • Our carbon intensity in 2020 was just 3.3 g/KWh – more than 83 times better compared to the average emissions from electricity generation across EU which was 275 g/KWh)
  • We delivered an average PUE across all eight sites of 1.48 for the year compared to a global average of 1.57

Download our 2020 Sustainability Report for the complete picture of our environmental commitments and progress towards being net carbon zero by 2030.

Clean energy.

Operational growth in the Nordics corresponded with an approximate 25% increase in power consumption. However, our longstanding commitment to only consume 100% sustainable electricity meant that this increased load contributed zero (0) additional CO2 emissions.

By contrast, a similar load in data centers powered by a typical energy grid with a mix of sustainable and fossil-fuel generation, would have emitted close to 70,000 tons of CO2 in the year.

Water management.

Water usage increased in 2020 as we offered more operational capacity to our clients. However, water-usage efficiency (WUE) which measures liters used per KWh of actual load in the data center, remained at 0.6 l/KWh well below the industry average.

We continue to invest in the use of rainwater and snow melt in our cooling systems that are already in operation at our newest facilities.

Community commitment.

In 2020 we pledged to support an innovative UNICEF scheme in Cote d’Ivoire that pays women to collect plastic waste, thereby earning income and generating raw materials for innovative classroom construction using bricks made from plastic waste.

This supports DigiPlex sustainability commitments and several UN SDGs:-

  • SDG 1 – no poverty
  • SDG4 – quality education
  • SDG 8 – good jobs and economic growth
  • SDG 17 – partnerships for the goals.

What our customers say.

“The European Environment Agency is promoting the EU’s climate objectives, and we are fully committed to taking action. Since 2004, we have undertaken climate actions such as procuring renewable energy and offsetting emissions from the work-related travel of staff and visitors to our premises. Therefore, the sustainability profile of DigiPlex was a major factor in the selection of a co-location partner.”

“Sopra Steria’s mission is to leverage digital technology to build a positive future for all. That’s why we have committed ourselves to achieving “net zero” emissions in 2028. In order to achieve this goal we are pleased to team up with suppliers like DigiPlex in our joint efforts towards a more sustainable future.”

“At HPE, we are committed to creating sustainable IT solutions that meet the technology demands of the future. Our customers are seeking efficient IT solutions to minimize the footprint of their infrastructure while handling more data than ever before. By working with partners like DigiPlex, we have a foot forward in the marketplace, helping our customers to achieve their business and sustainability goals simultaneously with low cost, low carbon solutions.”


Climate Neutral Pact.

In January 2021, DigiPlex, along with 25 companies and 17 associations agreed to a Self Regulatory Initiative to make data centers in Europe climate neutral by 2030.

The climate neutral pact sets ambitious goals that will facilitate Europe’s essential transition to a greener economy. It commits signatories to ensuring their data centres are climate neutral by setting ambitious measurable targets for 2025 and 2030. Read more about our involvement.