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Two huge trends are shaping our world today: the climate crisis and the digitization of the economy and society. Both of these converge inside a data center and at DigiPlex, sustainability has always been central to our mission and values.


Digital transformation and sustainability

As digitalization advances and more and more data is stored, processed, transferred and used by people and businesses, the environmental impact of data centers must be addressed. Digitalization and sustainability should advance hand in hand, and data centers have a critical role to play in supporting a green circular economy, powered by knowledge and innovation that offers access and opportunity for everyone.

At DigiPlex, our role is to ensure that the facilities we design, build and operate on behalf of our customers are at the cutting edge of environmental performance. We have been doing this for 20 years and have set the standard for sustainability in the sector. We intend to continue to lead and act as the role model for the industry to follow.

Green business is good business.

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our facilities have used certified 100% green hydroelectric power since 2009 and have won awards as some of the world’s greenest and most energy efficient centers.

1. Green compliance.

All of our data centers comply with globally accepted standards for quality, security and environmental management. Collecting and sharing detailed sustainability data helps DigiPlex and our customers to lead the green debate with authority.

2. Cold climate cooling.

Our air-to-air cooling and concert control systems work together to bring energy usage to a minimum. These technologies deliver a massive 70% saving in energy consumed by cooling systems compared to a typical data center.

3. Re-using waste heat.

Data centers generate excessive amounts of heat. In many cases this excess heat is a waste product, but we have turned into an asset. Our waste data center heat is being re-used to heat buildings and homes in Oslo and Stockholm by feeding it into the district heating system.

Watch our heat re-use video to find out more.

4. 100% renewable energy.

To minimize the carbon footprint, energy needs to come from certified renewable sources. The electricity consumed in DigiPlex data centers has been certified 100% renewable energy since 2004 – emitting zero CO2.

Climate Neutral Pact.

In January 2021, DigiPlex, along with 25 companies and 17 associations agreed to a Self Regulatory Initiative to make data centers in Europe climate neutral by 2030.

The climate neutral pact sets ambitious goals that will facilitate Europe’s essential transition to a greener economy. It commits signatories to ensuring their data centers are climate neutral by setting ambitious measurable targets for 2025 and 2030. Read more about our involvement.

A track record of cost and carbon benefits

Running a 100MW IT estate in our efficient data centers could save more than $2.1 billion over 20 years compared to housing it in Germany. That’s a saving 69% of total power costs. Furthermore, using 100% sustainable energy saves as much as 12.3 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in that time – the equivalent of taking 2.7 million petrol cars off the road.

We deliver these savings thanks to the cool Nordic climate and access to abundant, low-cost, sustainable energy, but also the investments and innovations we have brought to market.

Does your data center have what it takes to be green?

When reviewing your current data center set-up, the first thing to understand in detail is where your data resides and how green the data centers are.

When looking into the different solutions available on today’s market, there are four important aspects to consider for when choosing a sustainable data center solution.

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Things to consider


Data location

Ensure you know which data centers your data is stored in


Energy efficiency

Take a careful look at the data center’s PUE – this is an important metric for appraising energy effectiveness


Renewable energy

To meet increasingly strict environmental regulations and customer demands, make sure the energy used to power the data centers is 100% renewable


Heat re-use

For an improved environmental footprint, make sure there are plans to re-use the excess heat from the data centers in which your data resides

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