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With DigiPlex as your preferred data center partner, you are able to scale your business requirements from a single rack to entire data centers. The sites’ proximity to urban centers and capital cities supports high-speed data transfers that are time sensitive and need short distances between the data and its end-users.


Simplify data center growth.

Designing large data centers for organizations and their theoretical future needs is no longer viable. Instead, businesses are looking for scalable data centers which allow them to closely match growth to demand.

A scalable DigiPlex data center approach allows capacity growth in line with the growth profile of your business, without needing to spend money until expansion is required. Plus, we have the resources ready to go!

Business benefits.

How far into the future should your data center serve your business? It’s a challenging task to determine the size of your own on-premises data center as over-building can waste resources that could be used to grow your business.

Expand your infrastructure capacity and benefit from the outstanding quality and expertise provided by our colocation services:

  • Custom built / flexible / scalable solutions
  • Built-in redundancy (security, power, cooling and networks)
  • 100% renewable green energy – all our sites run on 100% hydro power
  • Carrier neutral
  • Public cloud access and multi-cloud connectivity
  • Robust ecosystem – Nordic connect platform
  • Highest security standards (ISO)
  • 24/7/365 on-site operations and facility staff

Colocation with DigiPlex is best possible setting for your cloud and digitalization journey.

We are ready to build again and again!

With Europe’s lowest population density, national and local governments across the Nordics are pro data center development, which is not always the case in other European nations, so permission to develop land is easier to secure. 

DigiPlex has acquired land in the Nordics in readiness for data center projects, with processes, permits and procedures already in place.

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