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In today’s digital environment, data is a valuable asset and is growing at unprecedented speeds. With 20 years of experience, we guarantee scalable, secure and sustainable operational excellence across our Nordic footprint.


DigiPlex data center technologies.

A DigiPlex data center is built with innovative technology and operational services that allows our customers to scale their operations more efficiently while furthering our broader commitment to a reduced carbon footprint.

Drawing on our significant 20-year operating experience, we demonstrate that going green is great business. By accessing 100% green and sustainable energy, customers can negate any CO2 emissions from the equipment they place in our data centers.

Air-to-air evaporative cooling.

Our air-to-air cooling and controlling systems work together to bring energy usage to a minimum. The air-to-air evaporative cooling technology maximizes the effect of the cool air outside our facilities. Wetting the heat exchangers with harvested rainwater provides an additional evaporative cooling effect on warmer days.

Concert control.

Concert control goes one step further, using sophisticated algorithms to calculate the optimum cooling for entire data halls and reducing the use of fans and overall energy consumption.

These technologies deliver a massive 70% saving in energy consumed by cooling systems compared to a typical data center. Together these innovations have allowed us, under specific conditions, to reach a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of just 1.06 – with just 3% of the power consumed used for cooling.

Re-using waste heat.

All IT activities, one way or another, generate heat in a data center. Rather than wasting this heat, it can be re-used in many ways, such as heating buildings and homes by feeding it into the local district heating system.

Waste heat utilization holds great potential for cleaner IT operations by improving energy efficiency and enhancing engineering functionality. From a broader perspective, it can also reduce overall energy usage.

Watch our heat re-use video to find out more.

Harvesting rainwater.

Our facilities in HøbolFetsund and Stockholm, are equipped with rain harvesting and storage technology designed as a supplementary water source. Our air-to-air cooling systems recirculate water to minimize usage and can run on filtered rainwater. The same principle is applied during the winter months, using a unique snow melt process.


By using our innovative and sustainable cooling technique, the PUE – the ratio between total energy and net server energy – can be significantly reduced. By moving from an average data center with a PUE of 1.67 to an energy efficient one with a PUE of 1.2, you cut as much as a quarter of your power consumption – and your power bill!

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