In three words: Sustainable. Stable. Secure. The attractiveness of the Nordic region is due to the ease of doing business, leading sustainability and low cost of power. The structure in the Nordics is simplified, straightforward and direct. With stable political governance and a stable economy, the Nordics provide a unique proposition to satisfy a growing international marketplace for sustainable data centers. 

Green power without the premium

The Nordics have reliable power supplies, some of the cheapest power in Europe and ample renewable energy. It’s known for investing heavily in renewable power which enables DigiPlex data centers to run completely on certified renewable energy. Our ability to prove the renewable source of energy consumed can support businesses on their journey towards a NetZero impact.

Plus, Nordic governments continue to support the industry’s growth through favorable property and energy tax regulations for data centers – the benefits of which are passed on to our customers.

Low cost of power - millions in potential savings

The Nordics has the lowest energy price in Northern Europe – approximately half that in the UK and 40% less than Germany. The combination of a strong grid with consistently low energy costs makes the Nordics a compelling choice for those managing a growing amount of data.

Speed to market

Nordic governments have collectively identified data centers as significant sources of growth. They understand the importance of speed to market and have created environments that support data center construction. Using these advantages, plus our own expertise and teams on the ground, DigiPlex can set up your bespoke data center in as little as six months.

Available land

DigiPlex has acquired land in the Nordics ready for data center projects. We even have processes, permits and procedures in place. The sites’ proximity to major metros, urban centers and capitals support high-speed data transfers that are time sensitive and need short distances between the data and its end-users. Alternatively, if you have your own land, we can easily adapt our solution to meet your requirements.

Natural cooling

Reducing the need for cooling not only saves money but improves sustainability and lowers your carbon footprint. The Nordics have a cold but stable climate. With average high temperatures below 5°C for half of the year, there are huge opportunities for natural cooling. Our awarding winning Air-to-Air systems maximize these advantages to reduce the need for artificial cooling, save money and resources, and decrease your environmental footprint.


The Nordics has a robust fiber highway and direct sub-sea connectivity to all the major markets in Europe. By placing your data center in the Nordics, you will have access to the entire European region, which enables your business to be not only Pan-Nordic but Pan-European.

In addition, DigiPlex offers a unique mix of possible edge deployments in either Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

Unrivalled experience

DigiPlex has already funded, designed and built several impressive build-to-suit campus facilities. We understand hyperscale and enterprise requirements and how quickly they can change, so we strive to be the go-to partner in the Nordics. With 20 years of local colocation operating experience, we have the ability to create a smooth landing into the region.

COSH vs the FLAPD markets

According to the recent study, “Data Centre Opportunities in the Nordics" by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordics are likely to gain market share thanks to five key advantages: 

  • Abundant renewable energy
  • Reliable power supply
  • Low energy prices
  • Political stability
  • Faster time-to-market


If you’re considering Europe for your data center location and want to benefit from cutting edge technologies, leading sustainability and low power costs, the Nordics is the perfect place – and DigiPlex an ideal partner.


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