Norway - Oslo - Fetsund

Our third facility in Norway, Fetsund, delivers 4 200m² of state-of-the-art technology and energy efficiency.

The new DigiPlex Fetsund colocation data centre is our third site in the greater Oslo area.
Fetsund opened in January 2015 and is operated by DigiPlex, featuring two-three storey, air-cooled buildings, each with the capacity for 20 000 servers. Each 2 100m² net 'white space' building contains three server rooms, one on each floor. These 6m high spaces each have a floor area of 700m² and have been designed for an IT density of 2 kW/m². The facility operates at a PUE factor of only 1.1 thanks to our unique Air-to-Air cooling technology.

Full site specification is available for download or why not speak with our data centre experts for Norway and get the complete picture.




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