Your data is safer with us!

Ultra-security cages plus redundant systems make DigiPlex the best choice for sensitive data.

It is natural for anyone to want to keep precious and valuable things close to them. But just as most recognize that the bank is a better place for our money than the mattress, so businesses of all sizes and types now trust co-location data centers with their most sensitive data. These facilities are far more secure, resilient and cost-effective than most on premise data centers.

Modern, bespoke, data centers provide security and redundancy features that few can match. But some require even higher standards of security – just like the custom-built vaults of bank used to store priceless items. DigiPlex’s ultra-secure cages are just one example of how the most demanding requirements for security can be met in today’s colocation campuses.

But, before we turn to security, let’s talk about resilience. Physical attacks on data centers are rare, mainly because it is already really difficult to penetrate the several layers of security in place at most. However, data can also be lost through electrical outages and these are growing in frequency and impact. According to the Uptime Institute’s most recent annual survey (2020) as many as one in three respondents had experienced a power outage in the previous 12 months. Interruption of power for even a few milliseconds can be enough to damage servers and other IT equipment risking the loss of crucial data. So, it is essential to our business that we never, ever go down. As specialists we invest in multiple layers of redundancy to ensure there are no single points of failure. Our newest data halls feature at least two entirely separate power lines. We reinforce regular, high-quality maintenance of all equipment with full-redundancy and resilient designs so that even multiple simultaneous power failures would not affect the operation of the data centers we host.  Few non-specialist organizations can match our expertise or afford the investments we make to support this level of guaranteed uptime.

The same attention to detail marks out our physical security. Security starts with location. All our facilities are dedicated to secure data center hosting. Access is tightly controlled ensuring that only authorised individuals can access the building. Sites are further secured from physical attacks and efforts to force entry with high-grade, perimeter fencing, security rated man and car traps plus video and sensor monitoring.

For those with ultra-sensitive data, we can now offer an even higher-level of security. The DigiPlex Ultra-Secure Cages are a completely encapsulated solution that exceeds both EU Security Standard Resistance Class 4 (RC4), and those of the Swedish Security Protection Act (SS-EN 1627 RC4 – Protection Class 3). They provide what is effectively a separately secured data center within the already secure facility and are a perfect solution for Governments, public and private sector organizations, global corporations and any other business that requires adherence to these stringent security standards.

Proven to withstand determined attacks for longer than required by the European standard, these specialised cage systems enclose both ‘white space’ and ‘grey space’ services. These include a dedicated generator, independent power feeds, UPS and separate cooling systems, and are proven to withstand determined attacks. Even armed with tools a dedicated intruder would be unable to access any equipment within the secure cage. These facilities, already within highly secure perimeters at our co-location facilities, can withstand determined attack for many hours – far longer than any intruder would have before detection.

Solutions like these are expensive to build and maintain. Even large enterprises and government departments may struggle to justify the capital expenditure required to build them. They may also not have access to the necessary skills and expertise to manage them effectively. The DigiPlex solution has been rigorously tested, rated and approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, now part of RISE. It is also quick to deploy, plus the co-location business model transforms the high capex cost of such facilities into manageable opex that more closely matches the growth and requirements of the organization. DigiPlex has already delivered this solution for live customers, with no downtime.

Adding ultra-secure cages to the already impressive security features of our campuses allows those businesses with the most sensitive data to feel confident in using DigiPlex to house their IT systems. Where better to put the crown jewels of your most sensitive data than within a dedicated, purpose-build ultra-secure vault in one of our dedicated data centers? If you are interested in finding out more about DigiPlex Secure Cages, please get in touch.

Article written by Head of Nordic Sales, Rickard Hilmersson