Young talent flourishes.

Young people globally recognised as leading the data center and cloud industries in innovative directions.

DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for innovative, secure and sustainable data centers, is pleased to announce that its Director of International Sales and Hyperscalers, Joachim Kauppi is one of 30 young people globally recognised as leading the data center and cloud industries in innovative directions.

For the past six years Kauppi has focused on promoting the sustainable, green-power credentials of the Nordic region. Since joining DigiPlex, he has taken these issues onto a global stage, educating and influencing hyperscale customers around the world to look to the Nordics and DigiPlex for sustainable data center solutions. His inclusion for a second time in the prestigious Data Economy 30 Under 30 list underlines the continuing impact he is having on the industry.

Commenting on his selection, Kauppi said: ”This is a huge honor and I am very proud to be listed alongside such amazing individuals. It also underlines the leading role that DigiPlex has taken in promoting the sustainability agenda globally. DigiPlex has given me the platform to address this essential issue in boardrooms and cabinet offices around the world, and we are now seeing actions resulting from those conversations. That is the true value of this award for me.”

Haakon Holm-Knapstad, Chief HR & Compliance Officer at DigiPlex, said; “Congratulations to Joachim on this well-earned achievement. He was already ‘one to watch’ when he joined us, but he has grabbed with both hands the opportunities that DigiPlex has offered and is now seen as an expert who blends the deep understanding of Nordic sustainability with truly global expertise and connections. We are very proud of our young talent and committed to attracting and developing the best people locally and globally to continue to grow our business and reputation. Joachim is an excellent representation of the people that make DigiPlex what we are today.”

Recently awarded Great Place to Work certification for the second consecutive year, DigiPlex is committed to developing all of its people and understand the importance of providing support and responsibility to the next generation of leaders. The results of the Great Place to Work survey show 24 – 34 year-old employees rating the company highest for credibility, respect and fairness.

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