Where’s our data?

Five questions about data management you need to ask to stay ahead in the digital race.

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The Executive Brief from IDC Nordic and DigiPlex outlines the topics that need to be taken into consideration by the CIO, the CEO and the board in times when data has become a key business asset.

Are you trapped in a digital deadlock?

Most organisations the world over are trapped in what could be referred to as a ‘digital deadlock’. The challenge for those companies is how to employ digital solutions and organise the business to become a digital transformer.

As the work to become a digital enterprise starts for real, this Executive Brief asks CIOs five questions about their data centers as data becomes an ever more critical business asset:

  • Where is our data located?
  • How is our data protected?
  • What is our digital environmental footprint?
  • What is the track record on downtime and latency in our data delivery?
  • Are we scaling up digital transformation and innovation or spending the money on in-house datacenters and infrastructure?
  • Data centers are one of the foundations for successful digital transformation, and advanced levels of digitisation place the highest demands on safe and secure data housing. The right data center is a key enabler of successful digitization in which business processes are data driven, and production, computing and use of data occurs seamlessly and immediately.

The expectations for results from innovation enabled by digital transformation are high. Download our Report and learn how to navigate the journey. Alternatively, why not watch the video produced by IDC.