Waste heat warming Oslo homes.

Computer Weekly reports on how the agreement to reuse waste heat from our Nordic datacenter will warm homes in Oslo.

Nordic datacenter operator DigiPlex has signed an agreement that will see the waste heat from its facility in Ulven, Oslo, reused to warm 5,000 apartments in the city.

The company will work with local district heating supplier Fortum Oslo Varme, which operates a 60-mile heat distribution system throughout Oslo to redistribute the heat generated by its datacenter, which is also renewably powered. Gisle Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex, said the arrangement is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to ensuring the digital economy it helps power operates in a more sustainable way.

Digitisation must move towards a greener world, and our cooperation with Fortum Oslo Varme is an important step in that direction. From autumn 2019, when users in Norway browse the web, they will be indirectly contributing to the heating of apartments in Oslo,” said Eckhoff.

Eirik Tandberg, managing director of Fortum Oslo Varme, said the partnership will bring both environmental and community benefits to the city’s population.

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