Sustainability Report 2020.

This fourth report continues a process which began in 2014.

In our 2019 Sustainability Report we committed to six broad objectives each with specific goals. We also identified seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which our efforts would contribute. In this latest report, despite the challenges of the pandemic, DigiPlex is pleased to report significant progress in all six areas and continues to make good on its sustainability commitments.

Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex “By moving to our facilities, more and more businesses are not only saving money but also embed sustainability at the foundation of their digital supply chain. I am proud over our continued progress and our commitment to net zero carbon by 2030.”

Our sustainable targets, including replacing lead-acid batteries, to water reuse and recycling of electronic waste, all remained on target. Here are just a few of the measurements:-

  • 35% of our batteries are now of the newer, more environmentally friendly lithium-ion type, putting us in good position to replace all of our lead-acid type batteries by 2028.
  • Our carbon intensity in 2020 was just 3.3 g/KWh – more than 83 times better compared to the average emissions from electricity generation across EU which was 275 g/KWh)
  • We delivered an average PUE across all eight sites of 1.48 for the year compared to a global average of 1.57


Download our 2020 Sustainability Report for the complete picture of our environmental commitments and progress towards being net carbon zero by 2030.