Sustainability report 2019.

Sustainability is never ‘mission accomplished’ and it is not optional.

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In 2014 we introduced sustainability reporting to the industry. From 2020 we will not only provide annual reports on our progress, but also track how we are doing our part to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Tying our goals to this wider vision will keep us focused on the critical importance of our progress in ensuring that digitalization is good for everyone.

In our 2019 Sustainability Report we have outlined six objectives and a number of goals as part of a transparent reporting agenda that will help us to contribute to applicable UN SDG’s in the coming years. The objectives include:

1. Net Negative Emissions
2. Fair Use of Energy
3. Supporting the Circular Economy
4. Increase Community Support
5. Impact our Customers’ Sustainability
6. Invest Further in Employee Wellbeing

Download our 2019 Sustainability Report for the complete picture of our environmental commitments.

At DigiPlex, our role is to ensure that the facilities we design, build and operate on behalf of our customers are at the cutting edge of environmental performance. We have been doing this for almost 20 years and have set the standard for sustainability in the sector. We intend to continue to lead and act as the role model for the industry to follow.

Previous Reports in 2016 and 2014