Speed to market.

Getting to market fast is vital for hyperscale and large scale enterprises – so what are the main factors?

Capacity is highly constrained for hyperscalers in Europe; the most recent report from real-estate specialists CBRE suggests only 3% of colocation facilities in the traditional FLAP* markets have more than 10MW capacity. This is one reason we are seeing increased demand for capacity in our Nordic data centers. The others being the highly sustainable environmental profile we can offer these global businesses and our fast time to market.

The first decision for a hyperscaler to make in creating new capacity is whether to build a dedicated facility or to co-locate. DigiPlex has helped with both approaches – designing and building sustainable data centers for a wide range of customer needs. We also have deep experience in retrofitting existing facilities to meet the specific demands of hyperscale customers – often the fastest option.

For example, it took us less than 30 weeks to re-configure an existing data hall at our Fetsund data center to meet the requirements of an international customer with urgent needs for capacity. This included doubling the power supply and cooling densities and increasing electrical resilience to meet the specifications of the customer.

But whatever approach you take, new build, co-lo or refit four key elements impact your speed to market.

Availability of Land
Land owned and zoned for data center builds is an essential pre-requisite. Amsterdam and Paris have either suspended or are considering restricting permits for new data center developments. Others, such as London, face enormous competition for land making it very expensive. We are fortunate in that not only do we own land around our existing facilities – with planning permission for extension.  We also have several options on land and recently announced two new data centers with a combined footprint of 8,500 m2 and almost 60,000 m2 of land for further expansion.

Connecting to energy and data-comms networks can involve long-lead times as both engineering, access and policy hurdles must be negotiated. Suppliers with existing sites and relationships with energy and connectivity providers, as well as local government, are better able to ensure that these elements do not become roadblocks to getting to market quickly.

Here again the Nordic regions have an additional benefit. For example, Norway is a net exporter of 100% renewable and sustainable energy there are neither supply nor political issues to connecting high-load facilities to the grid. All Nordic governments have committed significant budgets over the past years to ensure both the supply and distribution of power is robust. As a result, the region has some of the lowest incidents of power outages globally.

Expert workforce
Expertise at all levels, from designing, to negotiating with local authorities, to site construction is essential in data center construction. DigiPlex has not only been designing and building data centers for almost two decades, but we have always utilised local talent and workers. This supports the local economy and has created a highly experienced workforce which can be deployed quickly to meet requirements.

As a local player with long-held trusted relationships and reputation, we are familiar with local rules and regulations and efficient in gaining the necessary approvals, permits and permissions.

Finally, no two customers are the same. Job number one is always to listen and to co-develop a solution that really delivers on the customer’s needs. This drives our innovation. We work as part of a collaborative ecosystem with partners to bring the most up-to-date, technically advanced solutions to every customer’s requirements.

Getting to market fast is vital for hyperscalers. We have the land, connectivity, expertise and innovative approaches to get hyperscale capacity online fast. Get in touch with the international sales team to learn how we can deliver hyperscale capacity, in a safe and sustainable manner.

*Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris

Article by Joachim Kauppi – Director International Sales. Read our other Blogs on HPC / Edge / AI