Servers will heat homes.

DigiPlex Stockholm will recycle the excess heat for local district heating system.

Online article by – published 26 April 2018 – translated from Swedish

Storing data is a hot business – from all servers, large amounts of heat are emitted. But now DigiPlex in Väsby will recycle the heat. Soon the heat will be used to heat up about 75 percent of Väby’s apartments.

The waste heat will heat homes
Datacenter is an industry that flourishes in Sweden, thanks to our cold climate. When large amounts of data are to be stored, large amounts of servers require heat. In order for the servers to not overheat, they need to be cooled down.”The optimum temperature for servers is around 24 degrees,” said Niclas Nyström, Operations Manager at DigiPlex.

Many data centers use cooling that is controlled from the floor to bring in cool air to the servers. Instead, DigiPlex allows the heat to rise to the ceiling and further into an air-to-air system that is cooled by the outdoor air temperate.

“We use the natural flow of the air. DigiPlex is like a traditional data center that has turned upside down,” says Nyström.

Now the heat will be recycled. In 2018, DigiPlex will be connected to the district heating network at Stockholm Exergi.  In the first instance, the air will be converted into water that will then heat up further. “The water we send in the district heating network should be around 70 degrees, and here the air will only be 30 to 40 degrees.” It will be heated with water vapor heated from hydropower.

Datacentre growing environmental estate
The surplus heat that is heated will suffice in 10,000 apartments – which corresponds to approximately 75 percent of all apartments in Väsby, according to data from Lantmäteriet.

One reason why DigiPlex wants to contribute to the district heating network is to reduce climate impact, as the data center industry only grows the industry’s share of carbon dioxide emissions.

 “DigiPlex is very effective and gentle for the environment compared to other data centers. Today, all data centers account for two percent of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Therefore, we want to reduce our emissions as much as possible and provide heat back to the district heating network, “says Fredrik Jansson, Chief Marketing Officer.

For the heat that DigiPlex delivers, they will receive a financial compensation under a contract for the district heating network with Stockholm Exergi.

“We will reduce our climate footprint. Instead of heat becoming an issue, it will heat up homes.”