Recognized for CSR award.

DigiPlex is a finalist for the Best CSR activity/programme to support or develop a corporate reputation.

Communicate Magazine has shortlisted DigiPlex as a finalist in its prestigious Corporate Engagement Awards. These are Europe’s leading awards celebrating successful corporate social responsibility programmes and their communication. DigiPlex is a finalist for the “Best CSR activity/programme to support or develop a corporate reputation,” for its “Sustainability at the Core” campaign.

This stand-out campaign was a significant initiative for the business as it moved all marketing and CSR activity to focus on the single issue of sustainability. As a leader in the field, DigiPlex was well placed to drive awareness and action around this fundamental issue. Having found, through its own research, that environmental performance was bottom of customers’ purchase considerations, DigiPlex decided to focus its CSR activities on better informing them on the issue.

The Sustainability at the Core campaign used all channels, including the web, social media, white papers, direct customer communications and media relations to demonstrate how effective digitalisation can and should be accomplished in environmentally beneficial ways.

The results speak for themselves. With no increase in budget the campaign saw an over 2,300% increase in media impressions, from under 5 million annually at the outset to over 122m by the end of the campaign. Social media reach went from approximately 150,000 to over 10 million, and brand awareness among c-level executive rose from 12% to 56% as a result of the campaign. But most importantly when DigiPlex repeated its 2016 survey of customer purchase consideration in 2018, the environmental performance of data centers had risen from last to 4th most important aspect.

Commenting on the accolade Chief Strategy & Marketing/Communications Officer, Fredrik Jansson said: “For us sustainability is not a message: it is THE message. Since 2016 all of DigiPlex marketing has been dedicated to communicating, educating and providing insight on the importance of environmental sustainability for data centers. It is at the heart of our corporate purpose and informs not only everything that we say, but fundamentally, everything that we do. I am very proud that DigiPlex is driving the sustainability agenda in data centers, and it is heartening to see our efforts recognised at these influential times.”

The Corporate Engagement awards ceremony will be held in London later in the year.