Professional services finalist.

Sustainability at the Core is recognised by The DRUM Marketing awards for Finance & Professional Services.

DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for innovative and sustainable data centers are finalists in the “Finance & Professional Services” category at The Drum Marketing Awards. The Drum Marketing Awards is the largest of all Drum Awards and is the platform recognised for being exceptional at what you do. These awards celebrate the best marketers and campaigns internationally, it’s also judged by experienced marketers from some of the best-known brands in the world. DigiPlex is the only data center operator shortlisted for the awards.

In 2019, DigiPlex took the brave decision to completely overhaul it’s brand and messaging to focus on the one issue most others chose to avoid: carbon emissions, energy efficiency and sustainability. They took a strategic bet that becoming “the voice of sustainable data centers” would increase demand for their environmentally friendly data centers.

“Innovation is the core of DigiPlex’s company culture. I am extremely proud that our Marketing and Communications Team continue to be recognised in prestigious cross-industry awards. Building a strong Nordic brand is part of our growth strategy and the marketing and communications transformation fuels both industry buzz and our sales pipeline”, says Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing/Communications Officer, at DigiPlex