NPS score surpasses benchmark.

DigiPlex achieves NPS score more than twice as high as Nordic data center benchmark.

DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for sustainable, innovative, and secure data centers, is proud to report a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of  plus 48 compared to an industry average of minus 35 across the Nordics, outshining the competition.  

As part of DigiPlex customer strategy, annual customer surveys are conducted and covers all DigiPlex Nordic markets to measure customer satisfaction.

This year’s survey was performed by Netigate and the internationally recognised NPS measure was added. NPS judges the likelihood that DigiPlex customers will purchase again or recommend DigiPlex services to another company.

Loyalty and satisfaction significantly higher than benchmark
This year’s DigiPlex customer survey, performed during the spring of 2020, delivered an NPS of plus 48, compared to NPS benchmark for the Nordic Data Center industry of minus 35. (Scoring ranging from -100 to +100.) Customers rated DigiPlex on key measures of satisfaction such as service quality, responsiveness, issue follow-up and resolution, proactivity, and the company’s understanding of their businesses.

Almost two-thirds (61%) of DigiPlex customer respondents identified as Promoters (scoring between 9-10 out of a maximum of 10), with the average percentage of Promoters just 19%. Over half (54%) of respondents from non-DigiPlex customers were not satisfied with their current data center provider.

Commenting on the result, DigiPlex CEO, Wiljar Nesse, said; “Meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations is extremely important for a mutually valuable and long-term partnership. The high levels of satisfaction among our customers as confirmed by this survey are therefore very gratifying. With DigiPlex culture of constant improvement, we will continue sharpening our customer offering to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty even further.”

Christine Ønvik Nerhagen, Head of Professional Services Norway at Netigate added; “Netigate conducts thousands of NPS projects every year and we found it very interesting to engage with DigiPlex to create this unique study of the Nordic data center market. Netigate collected data from both DigiPlex customers and a customized NPS benchmark consisting of data from 300 IT-decision makers in the Nordic countries. Upon extensive analysis we could identify a remarkable level of satisfaction among DigiPlex customers compared to the Nordic data center industry

DigiPlex was quick to react on the COVID-19 pandemic through regular communication with its customers on measures taken to reduce the risk of contamination within the business. It created a Corporate COVID-19 Response Team, segregated the workforce into dedicated teams per site, halted business travelling and attendance at external events, updated employee policies, increased safety protocols and restricted access across all DigiPlex data centers among other actions.

DigiPlex used its customer satisfaction survey to gain feedback on how satisfied customers were with these actions and the way DigiPlex communicated around COVID-19. The response was very encouraging with a rating of 4.33 for the way the company handled COVID-19 and 4.36 for its communication of operational decisions. Both ratings were out of a possible maximum score of 5 and compared to Benchmarks of 4.15 and 3.79 respectively for other Nordic data center companies.

Our customers have been extremely committed in working with us to mitigate any potential operational risks during this pandemic. Maintaining transparent and timely communication with clients is always important, especially in times of crisis and it is clear that they welcomed our rapid and comprehensive communication around our COVID-19 response,” said Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy, Marketing and Communications Officer, DigiPlex.

The customer survey was independently administered by Netigate and calculated overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. It was conducted on-line between May 25-June 15, 2020. The survey was built on customer satisfaction methodology structrued around measuring all stages of the DigiPlex customer journey. NPS was calculated in addition to specific measures used for internal best practice and customer service improvement.
For more information please contact:
Elisabeth Lennhede, Head of Communications, DigiPlex