Norwegian Data Center Industry.

Norway continues to leverage its many benefits to attract data center customers.

Norwegian data center industry is strengthened by joint cooperation and establishes the Norwegian Data Center Industry (NDCI).

The founders of the association consist of leading players in the Norwegian data center industry and the power companies Ringerikskraft and Statkraft. The association will be placed under ICT Norway and will strengthen the industry’s efforts, among other things, for better framework conditions and increased joint international marketing.

Over the past year and a half, society has gone through a digitalization that we could never have imagined before the pandemic. The importance of data centers as pillars of the digital foundation has been highlighted as guarantors of secure access to digital services for the public and private sectors.

The NDCI will work to strengthen Norway’s position internationally within this industry, helped by the fact that we have Europe’s highest share of renewable energy, very low climate footprint and the lowest electricity prices. In order to attract international major players to Norway we will, among other things, work with the following:

  • Better framework conditions for the industry
  • Simplify the processes around the establishment and operation of large data centers
  • Coordinating international marketing
  • Contribute to more competence development and better educational programmes in the data centre sector
  • Promote the use of sustainable technology and contribute to the green shift

“Norway all have the prerequisites for becoming an attractive country to invest in a computerized business sector. The Norwegian data center industry has unresolved growth and value creation potential, compared with a large and rapidly growing international market. The Norwegian data center industry will be a key player in ensuring good growth conditions and framework conditions for the industry, and I am pleased with the opportunity to lead this work forward,” says CEO Bjørn Rønning.

“As the leading sustainable data center operation in Norway we are proud to be a co-founder and member of the board of this vital organisation. The growing understanding of data centers as the core infrastructure of the digital economy brings both opportunity and scrutiny. By working together under the auspices of this new group we can ensure not only that Norway continues to leverage its benefits to attract data center customers, but remains at the forefront of driving sustainability in this critical area,” said Halvor Bjerke, COO DigiPlex and Board Member of the Norwegian Data Center Industry.”

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