Moving to the edge.

Interview with Gisle M. Eckhoff ahead of TMT Finance World 2019.

With converging trends in cloud, digital collaboration, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) increasing the volume of data large companies need to process; the shift towards edge computing has come to the forefront in 2019.

The potential offered by moving to the edge has seen a variety of operators adapting their business models to tackle the market demand through the different layers of the industry, particularly within datacenters. And with more than a third of organisations seeing cloud investments as a top three investing priority and cloud system infrastructure is forecast to grow 27.5% in 2019 to reach $38.9 billion*, who’s in line to capture the value?

We interview Gisle M Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex alongside industry peers to get their views in advance of TMT Finance World 2019, the global M&A and investment conference bringing together the world leaders of TMT and Finance to assess the next investment strategies in the digital infrastructure.
Gisle M Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex, the leading datacenter colocation business in the Nordics, sees growth opportunities:

‘Our market has evolved rapidly over the last few years. We are in a ‘cloud-first’ phase where everything that can go to the cloud does go to the cloud. However, even in a cloud-first environment, some key applications and data will always need to be hosted locally for technical, cost, security or regulatory consideration. We are seeing these drive increased requirement for datacenter capacity.’

Cost, latency and regulatory and governance requirements are other critical factors driving the demand. Eckhoff continues,

‘The cost of moving huge amounts of data between a user device and a remote data center on the other side of the world are significant. Edge data centers reduce these costs. Latency is also critical. Applications such as virtual reality and autonomous vehicles require near-instant response times, and, there will be an on-going requirement to exchange data and resource with services based in datacenters. Regulatory and governance requirements are also leading many to ask where precisely their data is physically stored, particularly in Europe with the introduction of GDPR. Our focus at DigiPlex allows us to invest in innovations like the Nordic Connect Platform designed specifically to help businesses expand across borders whilst meeting demands of not just latency but regulations such as GDPR.’