Latest Coronavirus update.

Update from CEO Wiljar Nesse on the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, plus response to frequently asked questions.

Latest update 23 April 2020
DigiPlex continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. We are strongly committed to continue serving our customers while ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, contractors and suppliers.

During these challenging times a robust digital infrastructure is crucial, and in this period of social distancing, DigiPlex’s responsibility is more critical than ever. DigiPlex sites are fully operational and we have preparedness to ensure that we can maintain this level of service. At the same time, we prioritize the health and safety of all that interact with our facilities.

We follow the information and recommendations from local authorities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark where DigiPlex has operations. Employees, customers, contractors and suppliers are also urged to stay updated with information from local authorities.

Statement from DigiPlex CEO Wiljar Nesse

The following actions have been taken:

  • “Corporate COVID-19 Response Team”: We have pooled all available resources across the business into a “COVID-19 Response Team”, significantly boosting our ability to plan for different scenarios and monitor the threat levels and best practice for each country and each of our data centers. We have also initiated daily senior management reviews of our alert level, risk assessments and Business Contingency Plan (BCP).
  • Segregation to prevent cross contamination: DigiPlex implemented a full segregation of the workforce on March 9th with several dedicated teams at each location. Members of these teams are not permitted to travel between DigiPlex locations or physically interact with members of other dedicated teams.  DigiPlex has invoked the same segregation for our customers, contractors and suppliers to the extent practicably possible. Details can be found here
  • Updated employee policies & increased safety protocols: We have significantly increased our safety protocols across our data centers including implementing heightened sanitary measures, placing signage in our facilities and advising visitors and staff how to minimize the risk of infection. For DigiPlex employees we have invoked guidelines involving no business travel, working from home for all non-critical onsite staff, avoiding crowds, etc. Our guidelines are published here:
  • Restricted access across all DigiPlex data centers: At 12:00 CET on Friday March 13th, DigiPlex sites closed for all visits and deliveries except those deemed business critical. Customer dialogue is ongoing to ensure business critical access while at the same time ensuring the health and safety of all that interact with our facilities.

We will continue to update our policies and procedures as appropriate and will provide updates as the situation develops. We are thankful for your understanding and cooperation in times that will be challenging for all of us. We are convinced that we will be able to overcome this together.


Health and safety of staff and visitors

  1. What preparations has DigiPlex made to protect its staff, customers, suppliers and contractors as well as to limit the spread of Covid-19?
    At all times we prioritize the health and safety of all that interact with our facilities. We have implemented a series of additional precautions across all DigiPlex sites to deal with Covid-19 since 9th March. They include:
  • Full segregation of dedicated teams at each location,
  • Restriction of numbers of supplier and customer personnel on site to absolute minimum;
  • Cancellation of travel, meetings and events, and
  • Increased safety and hygiene protocols to maintain the continuity of our services and align with governmental regulations and public health guidance. Full details can be found here.
  1. What additional procedures has DigiPlex implemented for visitors to its data centers?
    Anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, including fever, or having knowledge that they have been exposed to someone who has the Coronavirus in the past 14 days, will not be allowed to enter the facility until after a 14 day quarantine period and they are symptom free. In addition, all visitors at all our data centers are required to practice elevated levels of personal hygiene prior to entering, and while in, the data center:
  • Safety protocols have significantly been increased across our data centers including implementation of heightened sanitary measures, placing of signage in our facilities and advising visitors and staff how to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed at the security counter of all data centers
  • Handwashing facilities are available
  • All visitors are required to follow all social distancing protocols and related directions from DigiPlex security.

Business Continuity

All DigiPlex sites are fully operational at this time; we have preparedness to ensure that we can maintain this level of service. All our data centers are equipped with the technology to ensure they remain fully operational if remote operation becomes necessary. In addition, we are in regular contact with our critical suppliers to confirm their pandemic response plans and have reviewed their capacity to provide service continuity.

  1. Does DigiPlex have the ability to remotely run and manage its sites under the most extreme situations?
    Yes, our Business Continuity Planning includes running our sites with minimal staff and even fully remote monitoring should that be necessary.
  2. Will DigiPlex consider temporarily suspending physical access to the data center for customers?
    Since March 9th DigiPlex has restricted the numbers of supplier and customer personnel on site to an absolute minimum. In case of a confirmed case of Coronavirus within a DigiPlex site, we will temporarily suspend access to the site in order to proceed with deep cleaning of the facility with the goal to return the site to a safe standard as quickly as possible.Further suspension of physical access will be enforced if the situation requires. DigiPlex is doing everything within our power to keep our employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers safe and secure and our data centers operational.

Customer Access

  1. Are customers able to access your facilities to manage their equipment?

Customers can still access the site for business-critical purposes. The main precaution we have taken is to limit customer staff at DigiPlex locations to only essential personnel. All non-essential deliveries have been postponed. In addition, we are carefully scheduling customer visits to keep numbers of people on site as low and separated as possible at any one time.