Is your IT sustainable?

As digitalization proceeds, its environmental effects will become more visible. Read about how the Nordics address IT and sustainability.

If this year has taught me anything it’s that everything can change, and we are able to change with it – quickly! I am not saying it is or has been easy, but possible. Powered by this experience, I think that companies should take a closer look at how they meet their environmental aspirations, what role digital infrastructure plays to achieve them, and how they live up to the expectations from customers, investors and the public. And I have some interesting insights to share, in our latest report, about how Nordic organizations currently manage and plan to cope with the increased expectations on sustainability.

Our research shows that a majority have clear environmental goals for their operations, but it seems that the aspiration has yet to successfully include IT. As digitalization proceeds, its environmental effects will become more visible.

Addressing consumer purchasing power
In the IDC Data Age 2025 study it is estimated that the global datasphere will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 by 2025 – a growth by over 400%. Creating value from this data will require even more high-performance computing, storage, data center and network resources. How are organizations planning to handle this development and at the same time be perceived as sustainable and environmentally conscious?

A survey carried out by DigiPlex and Kantar in the Nordic countries in September 2019 reveals the attitude amongst consumers in another project. Interestingly, almost two thirds of Scandinavians (74% of Swedes, 68% of Danes and 64% of Norwegians) maintain that providers of digital services should disclose their power consumption and climate impact in their annual reports. The survey also reveals that of 1 in 4 Scandinavians are prepared to use the Internet and digital services less if it reduces negative climate impact. The consumers seem to be willing to act if the providers don’t meet their expectations.

With this in mind, companies should carefully evaluate their IT environment and how it can contribute to company environmental goals. But are they? Read more about how your industry colleagues and competitors address IT from a sustainability perspective and how you can take a sustainability leap, by carefully evaluating your data housing options.

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Article by Sara Lindholm, Head of Nordic Marketing