Hidden heroes – Niclas Nystrom.

In the second part of our Hidden Heroes series, we meet Niclas Nyström – Customer Service Director.

What’s your role at DigiPlex?
I have an overall responsibility for the customer experience at DigiPlex. What does that mean? I see myself as the customer’s advocate within DigiPlex, not only ensuring that they get what they need, but working hard to understand them and find out ways in which we can assist them further. Certainly, it is about delivering on their KPIs, but it is also about meeting their wider expectations. I manage a brilliant team that collectively ensures we deliver our service to the highest level of quality and that we never, ever go down.

But being proactive is what makes this role so important and exciting. I aim to spend the majority of my time with customers, listening to them and helping them to get the best out of DigiPlex. Yes, I am the single point of contact for escalation when customers have an issue, but the DigiPlex approach is to read between the lines to uncover new ways to help and engage regularly with all clients and pre-empt issues before they emerge.

What’s your career background?
Having worked with Securitas for 16 years and then with Johnson Controls/CBRE’s global workplace solutions business I have a strong foundation in facilities management and security, which is extremely helpful as I listen to customers.  I have first-hand knowledge of the concerns customers have with the key elements of data center hosting; from security routines and levels of physical protection to cooling and heat re-use. I can engage with customers to understand their evolving needs and suggest a course of action. Of course, we have many specialists in the company who can go into more depth in any of these areas, but my background allows me to start the conversations.

What excites you about working for DigiPlex?
I am excited that DigiPlex takes this role so seriously. It is common for businesses these days to have a customer services director or something similar, charged with retaining customers, but I believe that what we have set out to do at DigiPlex is to deliver a deeper level of professionalism, care and fairness for our customers. We aim to do more than just meet expectations. The journey we are taking at DigiPlex, strengthening the customer delivery team and automating reporting, is allowing us to focus more of our time and attention on adding value to customers at every opportunity. To be a part of this development, working with knowledgeable people who have a great vision of what we can deliver is very rewarding.

How do you see the industry growing? 
We can all see how COVID-19 has radically changed the nature of work for many. It has also had a profound impact on digitalization and the demands on data centers. Interestingly, in my conversations with clients, they say that whilst they had plans for the next two to three years, now they are having to re-think them simply because many of the objectives have been met already. At the same time, changing work patterns, especially the move to more widespread telecommuting have changed the requirements for digital infrastructure. We are seeing demand not just for more capacity, but better connectivity and delivery of digital services in rural as well as urban areas.  My role, discussing these changes not just with technical teams but with business leaders and country managers responsible for planning the next wave of growth, leads me to believe that we are on the cusp of an exciting new chapter for digital infrastructure in the Nordics. Offering clients understanding as well as agility, speed and flexibility to meet swiftly evolving challenges and opportunities will be critical to deliver this predicted new growth.

What’s your soapbox issue?
The human factor, I remind people around me that human beings are at the heart of the digital infrastructure we provide. Real people use, consume and are connected by the digital products and services that our customers provide. For all the acceleration in digitalisation over the past months, we must not forget the people at the end of these connections. Meeting face to face will always be important and we need to factor in opportunities to do so. After all, we humans have not been upgraded – we still want to meet in groups, interact and share with other people.  We play a crucial role in the building the digital infrastructure of the future, but lets not forget to find a healthy balance between digital and physical interaction as this is what builds a strong business relationship.

Outside the Office
Beyond the office I like to combine my love of the outdoors with cooking and socialising. There’s nothing better than to follow a day of hiking, biking or kayaking with a feast for friends and family cooked on the BBQ or Muurikka (a traditional Finnish cast iron wok that is either placed over the open fire or on top of a gas burner). And there’s nothing better to wash down the food than some home brewed beer – one of my other favourite hobbies!