Green Internet is important.

Large majority of Swedes want to be able to make green choices and reduce their climate impact.

Article in Swedish publication IT Hallbert – translated.

Seven out of ten Swedes, 69 percent, want to introduce a climate label for digital services. This shows a new Sifo survey that the data center operator DigiPlex has carried out. – A large majority of Swedes want to be able to make green choices and reduce their climate impact – even on the internet, says Fredrik Jansson, strategy manager at DigiPlex.

Every time we stream a TV series, enter social media or log into our internet bank, a process starts in a data center that consumes electricity and emits carbon dioxide. Today, data centers and digital infrastructure are estimated to account for 3 percent of global electricity consumption and 2 percent of global carbon emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions from data centers globally are already on a par with those from the aerospace industry, and if development continues at the same rate, the data center industry may account for around 20 percent of electricity consumption and 5.5 percent of carbon dioxide emissions within a 5-10 year period.

The Sifo survey shows that seven out of ten Swedes, 69 per cent, want to introduce a climate labeling of digital services. Even more, 72 percent, think it is important that digital services have as little climatic impact as possible.

“If you stream film through an energy-consuming data center that is powered by electricity from lignite, it contributes most to climate change. Today’s consumers want to be able to make an active green choice to a greater extent, even when it comes to using different services on the Internet,” says Fredrik Jansson.

At the same time, less than a quarter of Swedes, 23 per cent, are prepared to use the Internet and digital services less, although this would reduce the negative climate impact.

“Internet use is a natural part of everyday life that few can or want to forgo. But consumers can demand from suppliers that their digital services should be climate smart, energy efficient, use renewable electricity and cause minimal carbon dioxide emissions, and then it is no surprise that 74 per cent want suppliers to report their electricity consumption and climate impact in, for example, their annual report,” says Fredrik Jansson.

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