Electrical review award for innovation.

DigiPlex’s sustainable Swedish data center wins international innovation award.

DigiPlex has won yet another endorsement for its innovative heat reuse solution, this time from the Electrical Review Awards 2019.

DigiPlex received the Innovative Project of the Year award for its advanced heat recapture and efficiency system engineered to combine heat and power, one of several innovative projects that DigiPlex is developing with the aim of reducing the use of climate-changing emissions. All DigiPlex data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy sources. According to the World Bank, today cities consume close to two-thirds of the world’s energy and account for more than seventy per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

“By using excess energy from our data centers to heat local homes, we can help support cities to become carbon neutral. DigiPlex is committed to building and maintaining a sustainable data economy and delivering creative, high-performance solutions that benefit our communities and reduce energy demand,” says Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex. “We are proud of our achievements in transforming data center industry practices to support the prosperity of our shared future. Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable thinking, whether through environmentally-efficient design in our new-builds or upgrading our existing data center infrastructure.”

The Electrical Review Excellence Awards recognise projects showcasing the latest in electrical engineering and cutting-edge design while championing the highest environmental, safety and energy efficiency standards. DigiPlex established its place as the best recognised Nordic data center brand by consistently bringing out progressive long-term solutions guided by a long-held dedication to reducing climate impact and building long-term durability.