DigiPlex wins award for EVRY Fetsund facility.

DCD take a closer look at DigiPlex’s win to find out what impressed the judges and what is special about the implementation.

Article by Datacenter Dynamics – published 12/01/16

Evry is the Nordics’ second largest IT services provider – and still expanding . It needed a data center fast, as leases on some of its facilities were due to expire while others were below par. It set out to consolidate its 10,000 sq m of operations into a new facility with 4,200 sq m of white space in Fetsund, near Oslo. Evry had already developed a concept design for the new facility and wanted to consolidate its operations in a facility quickly to improve both operational stability and its bottom line.

Evry turned to DigiPlex to bring its plans to fruition and gave it a deadline of 15 months. The lease agreement included a challenging performance specification with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.1.

With time of the essence, DigiPlex developed and enhanced Evry’s existing performance requirement for 4,200 of white space, located in two combined buildings, to enable it to be built quickly. It also provided an option for Evry to take additional capacity in future new buildings on the site.

Gisle Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex, said : “We were determined to meet the business and technical goals which Evry presented us with and they were particularly stringent. They needed a very low PUE within a strict sustainability framework – which we were able to fulfil.”

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