DigiPlex Norway Holding 2 AS.

Reference is made to the News Web notice with ID 537633.

In connection with the acquisition of DigiPlex, DigiPlex Norway Holding 2 AS (reg. no. 922 393 257) has in a letter to the bond trustee on 17 August 2021 notified the trustee that it will exercise its right to redeem all the outstanding bonds pursuant to clause 10.2 (Voluntary early redemption – Call Option) of the bond terms for the bond issue with ISIN NO0010850050.

The payment will be carried out as follows:

Redemption Amount:    NOK 1,800,000,000
Redemption Price:         103.49474% of the Nominal Amount of each redeemed Bond, plus accrued and unpaid interest
Original Maturity Date: 30 April 2024
Record Date:                       27 August 2021
Settlement Date:                31 August 2021

For more information please contact:
Elisabeth Lennhede, Head of Communications, DigiPlex

elisabeth.lennhede@digiplex.com, +46 70 33 22 705