DigiPlex launches inaugural bond.

DigiPlex raises NOK 500M (approximately $83.2m) and makes history with inaugural bond.

DigiPlex has launched its inaugural five-year bond transaction, raising NOK 500M (approximately £49,7m/ $83,2m). Proceeds of the transaction will be used to finance the construction phase and provide long-term financing at DigiPlex’s newest data center in Norway, located in the municipality of Fet, outside Oslo.

The issuance is a first-of-its kind in the data centre industry. Chairman, Byrne Murphy, explained: “We believe the issuance is unique – as it is the first ever bond financing in Norway for the data center sector and the first ever bond financing for any sector to fund the construction element of a large project.” The data center’s main occupier, for whom the facility is being designed and built, is EVRY AS, one of the largest IT service companies in the Nordic region. Upon completion, the facility will be one of the most energy efficient and sustainable data centers worldwide.

“DigiPlex’s debut in the bond markets was very well received and met with a high level of interest from institutional investors, attracted by the business’ strong capital structure, successful track record and strategic position in highly efficient, sustainably focused data centers. It’s a clear and confident endorsement of both our business model and our exciting plans at Fet,” added Mr Murphy.

DigiPlex’s data center at Fet:

  • In 2013, DigiPlex signed one of the largest data centre deals in Europe for the facility at Fet – a 21,5 year lease with EVRY AS (one of the two largest IT service companies in Scandinavia) for 4.200 m2 IT space, served by 12 megawatts of power.
  • The Fet data center has a power usage efficiency ratio of 1,1 – a ratio which puts it in the top 3 per cent of data centers worldwide.
  • A high security facility, the data center features DigiPlex’s industry-leading Air-to-Air cooling technology which delivers ultra low power usage effectiveness and DigiPlex’s DeOx fire proofing system. The first phase of data center operations will go live in Q3 2014.