DigiPlex industry leadership recognised.

DigiPlex receives award in recognition of significant contributions to the data centre industry.

DigiPlex celebrates ten years of Industry Leadership 

DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for innovative and sustainable data centres has received an award in recognition of the significant contributions it has made to the data centre industry in the past decade.

The Uptime Institute is an advisory organisation which focuses on improving the performance, efficiency and reliability of data centres, encouraging best practice standards and commitment to continual improvement and innovation. The institute regularly publishes guidance, thought leadership and intelligence about the global data centre industry, and identifies examples of leadership and best practice held against rigorous global standards.

DigiPlex has been a member of the Uptime Institute Site Network Group since it expanded its reach to the EMEA in 2007. A significant number DigiPlex’s engineers have studied the Uptime Institute curriculum, earning designations as Accredited Tier Designer (ATD), Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS) and Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS). These certifications provide assurance to customers that critical facilities are designed, built, and operated by operators with skills at the highest global standard. DigiPlex’s data centre at Fet, has also met the institute’s high standards, with the cloudbased data centre in Norway developed with EVRY recently receiving two Tier III accreditations for concurrent maintainability “Design” and “Constructed Facility”.

The award, in recognition of DigiPlex’s longstanding contribution, support, sharing innovation and consistent collaboration was handed out at the Uptime EMEA Network Group meeting in London.

“DigiPlex has always sought to operate as a leader and standard bearer for the datacentre industry, challenging ourselves constantly to innovate, improve our service and adhere to the most rigorous standards set by our peers” says DigiPlex CEO, Gisle M. Eckhoff. “Our record of 100% operational up-time, minimal power consumption and incredibly low environmental impact are just some of the ways in which we seek to embody the best of what data centre solutions can and should offer. We are honoured to have our contribution recognised by the Uptime Institute, whose discerning criteria provide invaluable guidance to businesses seeking the very best services and solutions.”

“The Uptime Institute Network has been proud to count DigiPlex among its members since the opening of our EMEA chapter. As part of our relationship, we have toured DigiPlex’s data centres and have been consistently impressed by their attention to innovation and leadership. The Tier certifications we recently issued to the cloud data centre DigiPlex developed with EVRY in Norway is just the most recent example of their commitment to best practice. The 10-year contribution DigiPlex has made to the Uptime Institute has been integral to our work in the region, and in encouraging a thriving, globally competitive European Data Centre industry” says Phil Collerton, EMEA Director at Uptime Institute.