Data industry achievement award.

Byrne Murphy, takes home the prestigious accolade “Data Industry Achievement Award” in recognition of outstanding individual contribution to the data centre industry.

DigiPlex, the leading Nordic data centre company and the largest owner-operator in Norway, has won double at the annual Data Cloud Europe convention. DigiPlex won two separate awards – the coveted “Most Innovative Energy Solution Award” in recognition of its breakthrough work in developing and implementing energy-efficient solutions, particularly in the field of cooling technology – as well as its Chairman and founder, Byrne Murphy, taking home the prestigious accolade of ‘Data Industry Achievement Award’ which recognizes one individual who has made a significant contribution to the Data centre industry. The ceremony took place in Cannes, France.

Data Industry Achievement Award
Byrne Murphy is the Chairman and co-owner of DigiPlex, and was awarded the Data Industry Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding individual contribution to the data center industry. Broad Group, the awarding body, described his industrious work and – especially – his ‘invention’ as deserving of both recognition and celebration, specifically highlighting the following major innovations brought about under his leadership:

  • Innovative use of technology to tackle one of the industry’s biggest challenges: environmental impact – all DigiPlex data centers are at the leading edge of energy efficiency and environmentally sustainability
  • Quality consistently sustained – DigiPlex has maintained an enviable 100% ‘uptime’ performance record
  • Longevity and proven experience – Mr Murphy founded the longest running center in the European region and is a significant influencer of the global direction of datacenter growth
  • Innovation, particularly around ‘clean energy’ remains a sustained commitment – the newest DigiPlex data centers feature PUEs at, or less than, 1.1. – demonstrating continued dedication to excellence.
  • Breaking new ground in financial modeling – DigiPlex secured the world’s first ever data center bond to provide both the construction and permanent financing of a data centre for its zero carbon emissions facility in Oslo.

Across Mr Murphy’s career, the theme of ‘innovation’ unites his experience which spans twenty-five years experience in the field of international property investment and specialist data centre development. Read full article.