Data centre risk index 2016.

Norway is the second-most attractive country in the world in which to set up a data centre, according to a new report.

Quashing a resilient myth: Norway’s international fiber connections hold up.

Norway has become a much more attractive country in which to establish data centres. This is one of the findings from a report prepared by the global property company Cushman & Wakefield. The country is actually close to capturing top spot worldwide, coming second only to Iceland in the survey.

The report measures a number of aspects, including the price of electricity (the biggest single expense for data centres), as well as international bandwidth and the ease of actually running a business.

The risk of natural disasters is accorded the greatest weight. Tax level, payroll costs, quality of electricity supply and renewable energy are among the ten factors covered by the report.

Drawn to the Nordic region

Gisle M. Eckhoff is CEO of the data centre Digiplex. In his opinion, the excellent position in the survey is hugely positive, and his company has noted an increase in interest among international operators who are keen to find out more about Norway.

“It’s a myth that fiber connections and internet infrastructure in Norway are below par. Of course, the rumour becomes self-perpetuating the more it is talked about. I don’t think it’s been that bad – to a large extent, it has been based on perceptions with no basis in fact,” he said

The last time the report was prepared in 2014, Norway lay further down the list, in eighth place. The year before that, Norway was ranked a lowly twelfth. Briefly put, the country is steadily moving up the list, buoyed by factors such as the decision by the Norwegian state to reduce electricity duty. Moreover, Norway has achieved a much better position than previously on the parameter of ‘accessible international bandwidth’.

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