Data centre and cloud awards 2016.

DigiPlex wins prestigious award for Most Innovative Energy Solution at this year’s Datacloud Europe in Monaco.

DigiPlex, the Nordic region’s leading data centre company and the largest such enterprise in Norway, has won the prestigious “Most Innovative Energy Solution Award” at this year’s Datacloud Europe in Monaco.

DigiPlex received this award for its breakthrough work in developing and implementing energy-efficient solutions, not least in the field of cooling technology. Energy efficiency has an extremely high priority for the majority of data-centre providers, and considerable resources are being devoted to the development of optimal solutions. Innovation in the area of energy efficiency is driven by a desire to both protect the environment and keep energy costs as low as possible for customers.

“Since energy efficiency is one of the really major differentiating factors in this industry, and since we at DigiPlex have invested substantial resources in both development and implementation, we are especially delighted and proud to have won this award,” says DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff.

The “Most Innovative Energy Solution Award” is presented to the company which has come up with the most innovative new technology, new way of using existing technology, tailored data centre architecture or creative strategy to resolve the energy challenges facing a data centre.

DigiPlex utilises Air-to-Air cooling solutions, which exploit the relatively cool and moist Nordic climate to ensure an optimal temperature inside the data centre. In addition, the company has developed advanced algorithms, which optimise the already efficient cooling system based on the amount of energy being consumed at any given time by the IT solutions at the data centre. This has resulted in an extremely low energy consumption, or power usage effectiveness (PUE), of 1.1–1.2. No other data centre provider in the Nordic region can match this level of energy efficiency, which benefits both the environment and the customer.

Even though we have now received this recognition of our efforts to develop energy solutions for tomorrow’s data centres, we have no plans to rest on our laurels. We will continue striving to reduce the amount of energy required to cool a data centre. We are currently the best in the Nordic region in this respect, and among the best in the world – and we aim to retain that position,” says Eckhoff.

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