Cool solution minimises power.

IDG Sweden publishes online article about our award winning Concert Control system.

Cool solution for data center minimizes power consumption

Air-to-Air indirect evaporative cooling is the new generation of cooling solutions for DigiPlex data centers. The system provides considerable economic benefits and delivers cooling with exceptionally low power consumption.

“With Concert Control and Air-to-Air cooling, the energy efficiency is significantly better than in a traditional cooling solution. The system provides economic and environmental benefits as well,” says Geoff Fox, Group Chief Technical Officer at DigiPlex.

Concert Control is a procedure that has been developed to optimize the performance of highly-efficient air-cooled data centers. The controls are done by an algorithm that balances the data center heat load with evaporative cooling. The solution has exceptionally low power consumption. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a measure of how effectively data centers use power. A traditional water-cooled data center typically has a PUE of 1.6. With an Air-to-Air system, the PUE is less than 1.1.

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