Consolidate for the climate.

By merging its 206 data centers into 10, the state can reduce its current power consumption by 80 percent.

Swedish Article by Dagens Industry (translated)

According to IBM, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created over the past two years, and by 2020, the number of connected devices will have increased from 9 to 50 billion. According to Com Hem-kollen 2018, 86 percent of Swedes have been in contact with authorities, such as the Swedish Social Insurance Agency or the Swedish Tax Agency, via the Internet.

Digitization leads to a low-level increase in data. Data that must be stored in a data center. Today, data centers account for 2 percent of the world’s annual carbon dioxide emissions and 3 percent of global energy consumption, but these figures are growing explosively. By 2025, the world’s data centers are expected to account for 5.5 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and 20 percent of energy consumption.

The operation of a data center requires considerable electricity supply and by using a modern, climate-smart data center that is powered by renewable electricity and recovers the heat, instead of an outdated electricity-closing data center, great environmental gains can be made.

According to Statens Service center’s calculations (2017) in the report entitled “A joint state cloud service for the authorities’ IT operations”, the state would be able to cope with ten data centers in a state cloud service instead of today’s 206. The purpose of fewer data centers is to take advantage of economies of scale, streamline and quality improvement, but not least to increase the safety level, reduce costs and reduce electricity consumption.

At a transition from 206 to 10 data centers, the positive effects on the environment would be quickly noticed. For each old data center that is shut down, the power output from the power grid drops, as the new data centers require much less energy to achieve the same performance.

Sweden’s data center companies can pay for secure, efficient and climate-neutral data storage for the state’s operations. We work every day with research, innovation and development to make the data centers even better in the future and we want and can contribute to taking responsibility for Sweden’s total data storage.

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