Climate agreement with municipality.

Agreement with Oslo Municipality demonstrates our aim to contribute to the city’s climate goal

On November 19, DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff signed a Partnership Agreement with The City of Oslo Næring for Klima division, represented by Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG), city council for environment and transportation.

Oslo Municipality is actively working together with businesses and organisations to develop Oslo into a highly competitive city with lower COemissions. By signing the partnership agreement with Oslo Municipality, companies demonstrate that they aim to contribute to the city’s climate goals, to take active action in combating climate change, and to participate in the partnership network.

The City of Oslo has ambitious climate goals. The city is to cut CO₂  emissions by 36 percent by 2020, and reduce emissions by 95 percent by 2030. This is not achieveable by City of Oslo alone, but requires both business, organisations, and citizens to engage.

The ceremony took place at the renowned Oslo City Hall, and additional participants were IKEA, Ragn-Sells, Civitas, Isokalk, Elektroforeningen (EFO), and Mixmove.