Certified as great place to work.

DigiPlex is proud to achieve the prestigious ‘Great Place to Work’ certification.

DigiPlex, the Nordic region’s leading data center specialist, is proud to have achieved the prestigious ‘Great Place to Work’ certification, according to the 2018 Great Place to Work® survey.

A wide-ranging survey of DigiPlex’s staff and practices revealed scores that made it possible for the company to achieve certification on its first attempt. Responses were ranked across a range of metrics and resulted in an overwhelming 93% score representing staff pleased to confirm they felt DigiPlex is truly a ‘great place to work’.

“DigiPlex has always set itself the goal of owning the most attractive brand in data centers, not only among our customers but with our staff and prospective employees as well. Our people are crucial to our ongoing success and leadership in a highly competitive global market. It’s particularly gratifying to see how highly our staff rank their pride in working at DigiPlex. We are thrilled that our vision of the most innovative, sustainable and secure data centers is something to which our whole company is so eager to contribute,” said DigiPlex CEO Gisle M. Eckhoff.

Great Place to Work certification is a globally recognised standard for excellence in high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Responding to a survey covering a wide range of performance indicators, DigiPlex staff were revealed as exceptionally proud to tell others of their work (92%) and felt they made a difference at the company (87%). To reach the demands for certification the results must be above 70% for all categories.

“We are very excited to welcome DigiPlex to be certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’. Throughout our investigation, it was made clear to us how much DigiPlex values its staff, and how trust and empowerment at all levels has helped the entire business feel proud of their contribution to the company’s vision. These are some of the most important qualities we know help make a company a great place to work,” said Jannik Krohn Falck, CEO Great Place To Work.

“We often describe how innovation and relentless self-improvement sit at the core of our business DNA. The best way, we feel, to stay true to this is by offering our amazing staff an exciting and generous work environment in which they can thrive. Achieving certification is a proud moment for the company and supports our plans for future business growth and continuous investment in our people’s development,” concluded Haakon Holm-Knapstad, Chief HR Officer at DigiPlex.