Building leading Nordic brand.

DigiPlex innovative and sustainable data centres have been shortlisted in 4 separate categories at the DCS awards.

DigiPlex builds and deploys data centres, halls with stable operating environments and the highest possible security and availability where companies and organizations can outsource their servers and run their IT systems and services out to customers.

“We see a historic shift as companies and organisations increasingly choose to outsource their data centre, (which is often found in the company’s basement) to a professional data centre. Today, 60% of Swedish companies operate their own data centres, this will drop to 40% over a 48-month period,” says DigiPlex Chief Marketing and Communications officer, Fredrik Jansson.

However, not only DigiPlex has done this analysis. Global giants like Google, can see its future growth in cloud services rather than keyword advertising. “We are often asked whether the cloud giants are competitors or opportunities. We see them absolutely as opportunities and that we are a complement. All clouds are physically resident in a data centre.”

As a marketing case, a data centre may seem meagre. Large halls with endless lines of servers and plenty of competitors with generic services. But DigiPlex has been around for 17 years, founded by two Americans; entrepreneur Byrne Murphy and the businessman Bill Conway, who placed DigiPlex’s first data centre in Norway. From there, the company has built out into the rest of the Nordic region.

Read the complete Swedish interview online or download an English translated version.