Value of Land

7 May 2021
CDO Phil Coutts reflects on the land that we own and how it adds value to the business.

Demand is Booming

22 Jan 2021
The Nordic region has crucial energy advantages that businesses should take into account - sustainability, cost, availability.

Keeping it Simple

20 Jan 2021
Fredrik Jansson looks at how choosing to focus all our marketing on sustainability was a brave decision.

Planet v Phone

11 Jan 2021
What choices would you make if your digital and sustainability actions were connected?

What a Year!

22 Dec 2020
As we close the door on 2020, CEO Wiljar Nesse takes a retrospective look back at this extraordinary year.

Is your IT sustainable?

3 Dec 2020
As digitalization proceeds, its environmental effects will become more visible. Read about how the Nordics address IT and sustainability.


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