Executive Brief - Where's our data?

23 April 2019
Five questions you need to ask to stay ahead in the digital race - download the report.
Executive Brief - Where's our data?

The Executive Brief from IDC Nordic and DigiPlex outlines the topics that need to be taken into consideration by the CIO, the CEO and the board in times when data has become a key business asset.

Are you trapped in a digital deadlock?
Like most organisations all over the world, 55% of Nordic businesses are trapped in what could be called a ‘digital deadlock’. The challenge for these businesses is to make the leap to become a digital transformer, by starting to employ digital solutions to optimize and organize the business. 

Data centers are one of the foundations for successful digital transformation, and advanced levels of digitisation place the highest demands on safe and secure data housing. The right data center is a key enabler of successful digitization in which business processes are data driven, and production, computing and use of data occurs seamlessly and immediately.

In this unique report we are addressing the critical knowledge gap, answering five questions to help businesses stay ahead in the digital transformation race.

Download the Executive Brief today and learn more or watch the video


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