Report with crucial insights for your data centre strategy

17 September 2018
"A Perfect Storm" - digital disruption, complexity and business pressures put the data centre at the top of the management agenda.
Report with crucial insights for your data centre strategy

Exclusive research by DigiPlex and IDG Connect illustrates how the digital transformation race and appetite for powerful new technologies are driving a professionalisation of data centre strategy.

In early 2018 we polled almost 300 decision makers in Sweden and Norway. They gave us a long list of their actions and concerns, telling us about their progress to becoming digital enterprises, their GDPR readiness and their views on what outsourced data centres might offer them. This was DigiPlex’s second survey, in the series Nordic Data Centre Trends.

Data centres are at the heart of the modern enterprise, but running them has become complex. Sustainability, environmental excellence and manageability in general have become tougher. As digital transformation becomes critical, data centre strategy is at a crossroads and as new technologies grow, they will place even more emphasis on the critical location where the data resides and is being processed – the data centre.
We're in the middle of the digital revolution. Digitisation is happening at breakneck speed across all industries. The business landscape is changing fast and it won't change back.

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