Discover why the Nordics have become so popular for data centers

2 March 2020
And the benefits of choosing to store your data in the Nordic region.
Discover why the Nordics have become so popular for data centers

As a leader in designing, building and operating data centers in the Nordics, DigiPlex has unrivalled understanding of what makes the region so attractive and has distilled ten key reasons to consider the Nordics.

Global leaders including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have chosen to build data centers in the region because of it’s unique advantages. Many other international businesses are coming to the same conclusion. The Nordic data center market is one of the most active and attractive areas for development in the world, so why have the Nordics become so popular for data centers?

We have created this easy to read guide, outlining what we see as the most important factors for selecting the Nordics as the best region for your next data center. It contains: 

  • the 10 most significant location factors 

  • how to save money, improve your sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint

  • a comprehensive checklist 

Read more about the benefits of the Nordics, with connectivity, ease of doing business, sustainability and cost of power just a few of the many, many reasons to consider a move. Be part of the change and place your data in cool hands.

If you'd like to learn more, please connect with our International Team today.

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