Business Tech article by Rickard Hilmersson

11 November 2019
Three dangers in your digitalisation strategy and how best to solve them.
Business Tech article by Rickard Hilmersson

Many businesses are conceptualising or are already well on their way to implementing an ambitious digitalisation strategy. The benefits are many, but it is not uncommon for a series of challenges to emerge. Some of the most common challenges are data management, connectivity and unforeseen costs.

Two out of three European business executives state that they have great pressure to carry out a successful digital transformation of their company. In addition, three out of four Nordic decision-makers state that their survival is dependent on being able to transform the business into a successful digital business model.

"Many businesses are reviewing their IT environment and data center to support IT's rapid pace of change and the high demands of digitalization," says Rickard Hilmersson, Nordic Sales Manager at DigiPlex. "Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80 percent of companies will have shut down their traditional data centers." 

Read the complete Business Tech IDG Sweden article (in Swedish).

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