A bumpy road.

Unexpected hurdles in terms of more long-term digitalization goals – where are you in the journey?

Little did we know about what was ahead of us when entering a new decade in the beginning of this year. The digital future lay open in front of us, and there seemed to be no way back. Then things suddenly took a steep turn with the pandemic. From my understanding many organizations in the Nordics managed very well adapting to new working conditions, sudden market shifts and abrupt swings in demands. What is more puzzling to me is that there seems to be some unexpected hurdles in terms of more long-term digitalization goals.

Where are we on our digitalization journey?

We looked into this when we last year published a report together with IDC, Where’s our data. Amongst the results revealed, 65% of European CEOs stated they were under considerable pressure to deliver a successful Digital transformation (DX) strategy to become a digital enterprise. And in another of our reports, 74% of Nordic decision makers said survival in the market depends on transforming into a digital enterprise. Nothing strange here.

However, as simple and necessary as it sounds, how are organizations delivering on their digital promise? I often use IDCs definition of five stages of digital transformation to benchmark the maturity of Digital transformation (DX) in organizations.

When they looked at the situation a couple of years ago, 55% of Nordic businesses were trapped in a so called digital deadlock. In essence, this meant they were already comfortable technology users, way ahead of “resisters”, focusing on how digital solutions could create maximum and guaranteed economic value (Digital Explorers) or even create repeatable changes in business processes, services, and solutions (Digital Players). The challenge was the next step — to become a digital transformer and use digital solutions to optimize and organize the business. But that was then. What has happened since?

Well, the fact is we have the answer. We have surveyed Nordic decision-makers to understand how they have been coping, how their digital transformation has progressed and what IT priorities they have made – and most importantly, have they managed to take that next important step. In our new Nordic Data Center Trends report, the third in a series, Riding out the Storm, we reveal the results, and also look into how you can further leverage or take a leap in the digital transformation. Because, I can say that – there have been some hurdles along the way.

Find out which and how they can be overcome. Get your copy of the report here

Article by Rickard Hilmersson, Head of Nordic Sales