Service Solutions

Our Nordic data centrers offer you world-class solutions to suit your needs

We specialize in delivering best-in-class services to our customers by delivering flexible, secure and resilient environments with the highest possible availability.

Rack Offering
A colocation rack with DigiPlex is the ideal arrangement if you are seeking the flexibility and scalability that deploying in shared space offers, without reducing the high security, availability or sustainability that DigiPlex data centers provide. Deployed in just a number of days, DigiPlex rack-based solutions can support both high and low-density requirements. 

  • Growth potential with rack-by-rack scalability
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • All relevant ISO certifications
  • Multi layered security
  • Additional security layers can be added on request, eg. biometric
  • Lockable racks for enhanced security in the colocation area

Our service offerings are designed to meet the most complex requirements to suit your business needs for autonomy, availability, security, privacy and scalability.

Download our Rack Solution Sheets for more details - see sidebar.

IT Space
DigiPlex provides safe, secure and fully serviced IT housing for your mission critical equipment and data. This is delivered in a variety of ways, customised to your needs. Service levels are tailored to your exact requirements.

Our serviced IT housing space comes in variable sizes and is available in shared areas, cages or dedicated rooms for enhanced security. Smaller spaces are available by special arrangement - talk to one of our data centre experts.

Added Value Services
In addition to IT housing space, we offer you a range of data center managed services, from which you can choose your ideal combination of facilities and operating support. Speak to one of our experts today for a full list of services. 


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