Infrastructure and resilience

Our team of experienced technicians and engineers deliver an infrastructure that supports your business requirements.

Our data centres across the Nordics are designed to be robust, scalable and adaptable. Data centres are complex, interdependent systems that evolve as customers’ needs change and technology develops. Our team of experienced and highly trained technicians will deliver an IT infrastructure that meets and supports your business requirements today and in the future.

Each of our Nordic colocation data centres deploys a common conceptual infrastructure design, combined with a modular data hall construction arrangement. For more details about facilities at each of our Nordic data centres, speak with one of our experts.

In a multi-tenanted environment, the concept of pre-agreed dates for maintenance downtime does not exist. DigiPlex infrastructure is designed to support ‘concurrent maintainability’.

Good design
DigiPlex data centres are designed entirely by our team of accredited engineers. Our technical team continuously refines its designs in the light of more than a decade of operational experience.

We invest continually in high quality equipment and maintenance programs, focusing on security, resilience and efficiency to ensure total reliability.

Constant risk management
We go to great lengths to ensure the resilience of our data centre systems and their interface with you. Our customer Works Authorisation System minimises the risk of upgrade or maintenance work compromising your performance.


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