Financial Model

Enjoy a tailor-made financial arrangement with low or zero CapEx and predictable OpEx over time.

Power your core business with a unique financing model
The financial solutions we provide are developed and fine-tuned according to what our customers prioritise.

Two common financial requests:
1. We don't want to tie up capital that can be better used elsewhere.
Our solution: we cover the entire investment

2. We really, really don't want any cost surprises. Not now, and not in the future.
Our solution: we ensure predictable OpEx.

Sustainable funding
DigiPlex ownership structure ensures rapid access to capital as and when needed. Our standard approach is to self-fund all equity capital for each data centre acquisition, construction, fit-out and first customer installations.

New financial models: New possibilities for you
Our financial strength is one of the reasons why EVRY, Norway’s biggest IT company, signed a 20-year Future Ready deal with us, demonstrating its long-term commitment and trust. In connection with this project, we launched our first five-year bond transaction, raising NOK 500M (approximately £49.7m/ $83.2m). The transaction was used to finance the construction phase and provide long-term financing for a major data centre in Norway.

It’s the first ever bond financing in Norway for the data centre sector, and the first ever bond financing for any sector to fund the construction element of a large project.

DigiPlex Norway AS Bond Listing
Following the successful listing of the above bond in 2014, DigiPlex approached the market in 2015 to raise  NOK 575M to fund further expansion as demand for DigiPlex data centres in the region remains robust. To this effect, please find the prospectus prepared in connection with the listing of the bonds issued by DigiPlex Norway AS on the Oslo Stock Exchange in the amount of NOK 575M, Senior Secured Callable Bond with maturity in 2019, ISIN: NO 001 0741747.


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