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Colocation at DigiPlex
House your IT environment at our facilities, where all data centre essentials, such as security, infrastructure and connectivity are kept at a premium level. All with market leading service level agreements (SLA) and a predictable monthly fee. We operate five data centres in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, and have two more under construction.

We are carrier-neutral and provide access to a wide range of local and international network operators. This enables quality routes to any partner essential to your business, anywhere in the world or in the cloud.

DigiPlex’s Nordic sites are directly connected to each other by means of our Nordic Connect Platform, which enables you to connect to your partners in the ecosystem across borders as easily as if they occupied neighboring racks in the same facility.

In addition, we offer both Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and Amazon Web Services’ AWS Direct Connect. This grants you stable, low-latency and scalable access to these highly renowned cloud platforms. Through our partners (e.g. MegaPort), you can connect to the ecosystems of virtually any public cloud anywhere.

Sustainability is paramount to us, which is why all DigiPlex’ data centres are run on 100% renewable electricity, offering industry leading energy efficiency. Our new sites use award winning Air-to-Air evaporative cooling systems that, together with algorithmic solutions, optimise the performance of the cooling system to minimise energy need. We are planning several installations of innovative heat recovery, which will further decrease your environmental footprint.

Security is core to our operation. To deter, detect and delay unauthorised access, all our data centres feature multi layered security measures including access control systems, and security rated mantraps to prevent tailgating. Furthermore, wherever the location allows, high-grade perimeter fencing and vehicle traps are put in place. Camera and sensor surveillance are deployed to detect intrusion attempts. All our facilities offer access-controlled racks, cages and halls, and additional security layers can be added on request. We ensure that only staff cleared by you has access to your areas, and all access is monitored by the specialist security team.

We employ an experienced and highly trained team of technicians to deliver the data centre service. This meets the highest possible requirements for today and for the future. We invest continually in high quality equipment and maintenance programs in order to ensure total reliability.

We operate our data centres according to strict routines for maintenance of all equipment, and in accordance with relevant certified models such as ISO. All our sites are ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001 certified.

Scalable services
From a single dedicated rack to cages or entire halls, our colocation space comes in variable sizes, and always with top-quality security and services. This gives you the scalability to adapt to changing business requirements. We also offer a unique build-to-suit solution

As a customer you have access to a wide variety of additional services, such as highly trained on-site technical staff, available if and when you need them.


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