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Why the Nordics? In three words: Sustainable. Stable. Secure. The Nordics provide a unique proposition to satisfy a growing international marketplace for sustainable data centers.


Natural Cooling.

Reducing the need for cooling not only saves money but improves sustainability and lowers your carbon footprint. The Nordics have a cold but stable climate. With average high temperatures below 5°C for half of the year, there are huge opportunities for natural cooling. Our award winning air-to-air systems maximize these advantages to reduce the need for artificial cooling, save money and resources, and decrease your environmental footprint.

Green power.

The Nordics have reliable power supplies, some of the cheapest power in Europe and ample renewable energy. They are known for investing heavily in renewable power, including wind, hydro, biomass, solar, geothermal, wave and tidal power, which enables DigiPlex data centers to run completely on certified renewable energy. Our ability to prove the renewable source of energy consumed can support businesses on their journey towards a NetZero impact.

The Nordics have also pioneered schemes that re-use heat created by data centers to either heat or power other facilities, from domestic residences to swimming pools. Watch our video.

Plus, Nordic governments continue to support the industry’s growth through favorable property and energy tax regulations for data centers – the benefits of which are passed on to our customers.

Stable, reliable power supply.

Data centers demand 100% availability and ‘up-time’. This requires a robust and dependable supply of power. The Nordic nations have one of the world’s most reliable electricity grids. The combination of plentiful, sustainable and flexible hydropower and other renewable power sources in the region helps to ensure a stable supply.

New capacity is continuously being added: internationally recognised for their commitment to green power, Nordic governments are looking to expand renewable energy guaranteeing future access to plentiful power.

Why the Nordics?

The attractiveness of the Nordic region is primarily due to the ease of doing business. The structure in the Nordics is simplified, straightforward and direct. With stable political governance and a stable economy, the Nordics provide a unique proposition to satisfy a growing international marketplace for sustainable data centers.

As a leader in designing, building and operating data centers in the Nordics, DigiPlex has unrivalled understanding of what makes the region so attractive and has distilled ten key reasons to consider the Nordics. Listed below are a few of the many benefits. To see the complete list, please download our report.

Nordic benefits


Cost of power

Nordic countries have the lowest cost of power in Europe


Green energy

100% renewable and sustainable energy sources



Land available with ample space to grow


Natural cooling

Capitalise on the cool, moist atmospheric conditions of the Nordics

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