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Speed to market.

Nordic governments have collectively identified data centers as significant sources of growth. They understand the importance of speed to market and have created environments that support data center construction. Using these advantages, plus our own expertise and teams on the ground, DigiPlex can set up your bespoke data center in as little as six months.


We know it’s essential that the design, build, set-up and go live of new facilities is as swift and frictionless as possible for hyperscale, large-scale enterprises and high-performance computing solutions, so what are the main factors?

Availability of land.

Unlike most other parts of Europe, the Nordic region still has a lot of accessible land surrounding big cities such as Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

DigiPlex has acquired additional land in the Nordics in readiness for data center projects, with processes, permits and procedures already in place.

We recently announced two new Oslo data centers with a combined footprint of 8 500 m2 and almost 60 000 m2 of land for further expansion.


The Nordics has a robust fiber highway and direct sub-sea connectivity to all the major markets in Europe. By placing your data center in the Nordics, you will have access to the entire European region, enabling your business to be both Pan-Nordic and Pan-European.

The Nordic region has an additional benefit. Norway is a net exporter of 100% renewable and sustainable energy. There are neither supply nor political issues when connecting high-load facilities to the grid. Additionally, all Nordic governments have committed significant budgets over the past years to ensure both the supply and distribution of power is robust. As a result, the region has some of the lowest incidents of power outages globally.

Expert workforce.

Expertise at all levels, from designing to site construction, is essential in data center construction. DigiPlex has not only been designing and building data centers for two decades, but we have always championed local talent and workers. This supports the local economy and has created a highly experienced workforce which can be deployed quickly to meet requirements.

As a leading Nordic provider, we have a wealth of local knowledge, are familiar with local rules and regulations, and efficient in gaining the necessary approvals, permits and permissions. Our long established business relationships and renowned reputation in the industry enable us to attract the very best talent.


No two customers are the same. We always listen to and co-develop with our customers to deliver a solution that really meets their needs. This drives our innovation. We work as part of a collaborative ecosystem with partners to bring the most up-to-date, technically advanced data center solutions.

Getting to market fast is vital for almost all customers to capitalize on new opportunities in a rapidly changing business environment. We have the land, connectivity, expertise and innovative approaches to get hyperscale capacity online fast.

Get in touch with the international sales team to learn how we can deliver capacity to suit your needs – whether hyperscale, HPC or large enterprise – in a secure and sustainable manner.

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